Adult Learning

If you would like to take a drive lesson with ABC Driving School, you must have one of the following:

  • A valid Washington State Instruction Permit
  • A Driver’s License or Permit from WA
  • A Permit from another state or another country
  • An International Driver’s License.

If you already have one of the above, you may schedule a One Hour Drive Lesson.

If you do not have one of the above, you must obtain a WA State Instruction Permit by following the steps below:

Step OnePre-Apply Online

If you do not have a WA State ID, you need to Pre-Apply online. By Pre-Applying online, you are creating an account for all your tests scores to be entered under. The number you want to obtain will start with WDL. You will be given a confirmation number, it is a 10-digit numeric code. That is not the number we need. You need to keep going after you have been given the confirmation number until you are given a 12-digit alpha-numeric number that starts with WDL.

Step TwoKnowledge Exam $35

each additional try $15

To obtain a WA State Instruction Permit, you must pass a Written Knowledge Exam. To take the Written Knowledge Exam:

  • Study the WA State Driver’s Guide. Every question on the Written Knowledge Exam comes out of the WA State Drivers Guide.
  • Once you have studied, you can schedule a Written Knowledge Exam with ABC Driving School.
  • We charge $35 for your first attempt at the Written Knowledge Exam and $10 for each additional try.

Step ThreeGet A Permit

You must go to your local WA State Department of Licensing to get the Instruction Permit. You will need to take your Social Security Number and show proof of Washington residency, take a vision test, have your photo taken and pay a fee.

To learn more about what is considered acceptable proof of residency, click here.

Step FourLearning

Option OneOne Hour Drive Lesson $80

6 or More Lessons Only $75/Hour

Do you already know how to drive? Do you just need a refresher lesson? Do you just need to learn how to Parallel Park or Back Around the Corner? If you already know how to drive but just need a couple lessons to pass the drive test, you can schedule just one or two One Hour Drive Lessons.We will concentrate on whatever skill you feel you need to improve.The first 5 drive lessons are $80 each. If you take 6 or more lessons, the price goes down to $75 per lesson.

Option TwoPackage of 6 One-Hour Drive Lessons $450

Each additional lesson $75

Have you never driven before? Do you need to learn how to drive from the very beginning? If you do not know how to drive, you can schedule a package of 6 One Hour Drive Lessons. We can teach you the skills to become a safe responsible driver. Ideally, you will have someone to practice these skills with.

The person sitting in the passenger seat must have had their driver’s license for at least five years. If you do not have anyone to practice with, it will take more than 6 drive lessons to learn all there is to learn. If you need more than 6 lessons, you can book another package of 6 or just one or two more. After you have completed 6 drive lessons, all the rest of your lessons are only $75 each.

* Package scheduling is at the very bottom of the registration page.

Step FiveTake the Driving Skills Exam $60

Additional $25 to use one of our vehicles.

Are you Ready?

After you have perfected your driving skills, you must pass a Driving Skills Exam.

To know if you are ready for the Driving Skills Exam, you should be comfortable driving in all traffic situations and know all the rules of the road.

You can go to “Driving Test, What to Expect.” There are four short videos showing how the maneuvers are to be done. There is also a list of everything the examiner will be observing during the test.

What Car Will You Use? – You have two options when taking the Driving Skills Exam. You can bring a vehicle or use one of ABC Driving School’s vehicles. If you use one of ABC Driving School’s vehicles, you will need to pay an additional $30 for the use of the vehicle.

Rental vehicles may only be used by licensed drivers and rental registration in tester’s name.

If you would like to use your own vehicle, the vehicle being used must have valid insurance and registration. The vehicle must also be in good working order. If any of the following is not working, we will not be able to use that vehicle:

  • Brake Lights – all three brake lights must light up when the brake is pushed.
  • Turn Signals – all four turn signals must flash.
  • Seat Belt – must lock and unlock properly.
  • License Plate – must be valid and attached.
  • Parking Brake – must be able to set and release brake.
  • Windshield – no cracks that obstruct your view.
  • Passenger Door – must be able to open and close from the inside and outside.
  • Driver’s Window – must roll down far enough to allow you to use hand signals.
  • Mirrors – outside left and inside rear view or outside left and outside right mirrors are required.
  • Windshield wipers, headlights, and defrosters (if weather requires use).

Step SixGet Your License

You are not allowed to drive on your own until you get your license from the DOL. You can get your license by going to your local DOL office or by going online.

Option OneOnline

If you have a picture on your Instruction Permit and you do not have any driving violations, license suspensions, or revocations, you can obtain your driver’s license online.

Option TwoGo to Nearest DOL

If you do not have a picture on an Instruction Permit or you are reinstating your license, you must go to your local DOL office.