Practice driving on our state-of-the-art SIMULATOR with quality feedback. It has surround sound and vision. You can even check your Blind Spots.

Experience the thrill of driving without any risk! Our high-tech simulator allows you to practice crucial driving skills in a variety of scenarios. Whether you’re a new driver or an experienced one looking to refine your skills, our simulator practice at the Shoreline Office offers a unique and effective learning experience. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your driving abilities in a safe, controlled, and stress-free environment.


You can practice gear shifting without killing the clutch or Driving to the Side of the Road without scratching your rims. During the training, you get reminders to use your turn signals, rules of the road, seat belts, etc. Our SIMULATOR feels like the real deal. The steering wheel shakes when you hit a curb. If you are nervous to drive in the rain, practice on the SIMULATOR to get the feel.

  • Affordable Learning: Just $45 per hour
    At the end, get a report of the mistakes that were made to let you know what you should be practicing. It gives more confidence to new drivers. You can practice in a safe environment without stress. Separate driving tasks can be practiced and repeated again and again, such as lane changing. Just $45 per hour. Schedule a time to practice.

Practice in Diverse Terrains and Conditions

Automatic or Manual transmission

Day or Night

Sunshine, Rain or Fog

City Driving or Country Driving

Forward or Reverse

Small Sedan or Large Truck

Backing a Trailer/Boat

Parking or Changing Lanes

Dodging Boulders or Staying in your Lane

On the Highway or in a Construction Zone

Develop Crucial Driving Skills

Lane Position

Speed Control

Reference Points

Hand Over Hand Steering

Using Turn Signals


Checking your Blind Spot


Rules of the Road


Scanning Skills

Reaction Time

Parallel Parking

Perpendicular Parking